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pic2Welcome to the biggest choice of food within a 5 mile radius that is, Koh Samui, we have something for everyone here, from 30Baht noodles served from one of the many street vendors all the way up to a lavish Thai/European fusion dish served on the beach. You name it, we have it here, if you are a vegetarian, you’ve come to the right place.
Over the last 10 years Koh Samui has developed into an international community, with all this culture and diversity we now have restaurateurs and chefs living and working on the island that cover the cuisines of many different nationalities including, Japanese, Spanish, German, Indian, Swiss, French, Chinese, Italian, Swedish plus many more. Western food is also available everywhere on the island we even have 2 McDonalds located in Chaweng and Lamai and not to be hard done by, KFC recently opened up its doors at Tesco Lotus.
One of the things we recommend you do while you’re here, is to try eating at one of the outdoor markets or at one of the many food stalls you will find at the side of the road.
By eating this way, you will find some of Koh Samui’s most authentic Thai food you will also get to sample the real ambience of Koh Samui, the air will be filled with the noise of the everyday hustle and bustle


of the local people relaxing and eating after work. You really won’t be disappointed with your experience the food will be hot, tasty and very affordable.
One thing you’ll notice while you’re here is the Seafood, Koh Samui is an ideal place to eat fresh, tasty fish, the choice is amazing and the price will also be pleasing to your pocket as well. You will see many of the restaurants display there various choices of fish on ice for you to look at and choose.
When you decide which fish you want, to make sure its fresh you need to look at the fishes eyes, they should be bright, not cloudy. Also a good sign of freshness is the fish should be firm to the touch, remember it’s your choice to buy so don’t hesitate to smell it before you choose it.


Thai food contains 3 main ingredients. Here’s the big 3.

Fish Sauce (Naam Pla) : Fish sauce is key to Thai cuisine. There are a variety of small fishes that are used to make it they include, anchovies, shrimp, and squid.

Roasted Chilli Paste (Nahm prik pow) : This is the ingredient that gives the Thai dishes kick. The paste contains chilies that have been roasted and mixed with ingredients including shrimp paste, garlic tamarind, and palm sugar.

Herbs : Thai cuisine relies heavily on fresh herbs. In Thailand, lemongrass, kefir lime and galangal grow everywhere and these three ingredients make up the base of most Thai dishes. Thai’s also like to add, Lime and Ginger.

1641_s Amsterdam:
angela Angela’s Bakery & café: ‘We Bake Dreams Come True’.
1534_s Ark Bar Garden Beach Resort:
448_s Baan Chantra Royal Thai Restaurant:
451_s Baan Thai Food Garden & Antique House:
1595_s Banana Leaf (Buriraya Resort & Spa): A Contemporary Seafood Restaurant overlooking Lamai beach.
1322_s BBC Restaurant:
1592_s Bellini Restaurant & Bar: Contemporary Italian Dining
458_s Betelnut Restaurant:
461_s Big John Seafood:
1427_s Billabong Surf Club:
476_s Chef Chom’s Thai Restaurant (The Tongsai Bay):
480_s Chomtalay Restaurant at Chaweng Regent:
1566_s Coco Blues Company. Ltd:
485_s Cocoric Cafe & Ristorante Italiano:
468_s Coffee Junction:
1582_s Deutscher Biergarten Bei Joachim:
1424_s Duomo:
489_s Eddy’s Modern Food & Drinks & Rooms:
496_s Hagi (Central Samui Beach Resort):
ivory Ivory Restaurant: The open-air seaview restaurant, at Iyara Beach Hotel & Plaza. Thai Night Buffet with the show is highly recommended on every Thursday.
472_s Jojo ‘s Bagels & Burritos:
505_s Jungle Park Restaurant:
leparadis_karebu Karebu Restaurant & Bar (Le Paradis Boutique Resort & Spa): Karebu Restaurant achieves the impossible, providing a haven of calm in the heart of Chaweng Beach
511_s La Brasserie (Beachcomber Hotel): Seaside dining with Thai food and innovative European cuisine
1698_s La Cantinetta ” The italian taste “:
516_s Laguna Terrace (Blue Lagoon):
1675_s Le Scalette Ristorante Pizzeria:
522_s Lom Talay Thai & International Restaurant:
1655_s Mango Village: Authentic Italin Cusine in a Tropical Setting
merant Merant’ Seaside Dining (Amari Palm Reef Resort): stylish Thai cuisine and fresh seafood
532_s Montana Saloon:
1434_s Olivio Italian Cuisine: Romantic Seaside Dining
1649_s Pane & Vino:
549_s Poppies: Fine Thai and International cuisine in an exquisite setting on south Chaweng beach
1512_s Prasuthon Restaurant (Nora Beach Resort & Spa):
prego Prego: Samui’s coolest Italian restaurant
550_s Red Snapper Bar & Grill at Chaweng Regent:
551_s Reef Café (Central Samui Village): Offering Succulent Seafood, BBQ’s & Thai Cuisine in a Romantic Setting
rockyresort Rocky Resort: Probably the best restaurant on the island.
553_s Roma Italian Restaurant (Paradise Beach Resort)
1743_s Sandies Beach Front Restaurant:
567_s Sea-Side Restaurant:
seebreeze Sea Breeze : “Casual beachside dining with a touch of sophistication”
1574_s Shades:
shambala Shambala: Shambala beach terrace restaurant – fabulous food, right by the sea
571_s Siam Bar & Grill:
573_s Spice Island Restaurant:
585_s Tamarind Restaurant:
1516_s The Cliff Bar and Grill:
1681_s The Promenade:
1627_s The Wave Samui: Great bar, Thai/Euro restaurant next to “Charlie Huts” on the Beach Road in Chaweng, Koh Samui.
590_s Three Monkeys Pub & Restaurant:
593_s Tropical Murphy’s:
443_s Tropical Tapas Bar:
595_s Vecchia Napoli: Authentic Italian Cuisine
1700_s Yupa Restaurant:
1366_s Zico’s Brazilian Grill & Bar
 Food Gallery
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