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Loy Krathong

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Loy Krathong Festival

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Yes , this song above, always come when we celebrate the most famous festival of Thailand…called

“Loy Krathong”

In the past, people believe that they offer thank to the Goddess of water. Thus, by moonlight, people light the candles and joss-sticks, make a wish and launch their “Krathong” on canals, rivers or even small ponds. It is believed that the “Krathong” can carry away sins and bad luck, and the time to start the coming new year, to be joyful, and happy as suffering are floated away.

The most popular festivals in early of the month November, is the Loy Krathong Festival. Thisfestival is very wellknown to Thai people and also foreigners. And it set during the weather is clear, on the      full moon night, when the river is high over the country. There has an important meaning about “Loy Krathong”, first, “Loy” means“to float” and “Krathong” means a lotus-shaped vessel made of banana leaves. The Krathong usually contains a candle, tree joss-sticks, some flowers and coins.

On the night time of this festival before they place the Krathong on the water, let them drift away, there also has beauty Queen contest as an important hight light. But we call “The Noppamas Queen Contest” instead. Noppamas is a legendary figure from Sukhothai period in the past. It was said that “Noppamas” was a chief royal consort of a Sukhothai-King names “Lhe-thai”. She may be the first person who invented and decorated Krathong in Thailand used for floating in the reiver on this occasion. So, when the time come, in Bangkok, major places as hotels, amusement parks organise their Loy Krathong Festival and Krathong contest and also Queen Noppamas contest as major function. Fortunately, foreigners who stay in Thailand during this festival, can join the party and share happiness too…


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