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The culture of an area is simply a set of rules affecting the way of life. Culture is something which is both consistent and ever-changing! The relaxed way of life on Koh Samui is reflective of its own unique Culture! There are many factors shaping the culture of this area.

The Monarchy

The Monarchy is very closely associated to the Buddhist religion. The Monarchy was responsible for the creation of the unique script of Thai characters. The Monarchy has been progressive and has encouraged education. Respect for the King and Queen is evident in homes and businesses.


The Buddhist religion has a large influence on the culture of the people. The spiritual nature of the people and the many beliefs bring many religious tones to the culture. Respect for monks and elders is a part of the daily life and culture of the people. Homes and businesses have special areas set aside for daily worship.


The family unit is most important to the Thai people. The extended family is typical with married couples living with the parents. Respect always paid to the elder members of the family. During certain times on Koh Samui, many Thais leave the island and return to their families. Many Thai owned and operated businesses are closed due to lack of staff. On Koh Samui, the family is extended to friends and neighbors. This mix certainly has an influence on the culture of the island.


With the introduction of tourism, the Thai people have taken their culture to the visitors. There are many exhibitions of traditional Thai dance, music and singing. The Thai people love to entertain and they enjoy performing for the visitors.

This cultural exchange includes the holidays such as the Thai New Year (Songkran). This is the Water Holiday where everyone gets wet. If you are Thai or not; if you are Buddhist or not; you will get WET! Enjoy this Thai cultural exchange.

Population Mix

Koh Samui has a personality and culture of its own. There are over 15,000 people who make the island their home on a daily basis. A vast majority of those people are Thai, but only a small minority of them were born on Koh Samui. Most are from Northern Thailand, where the weather is slightly milder, especially at higher eleveations. There are many Chinese Thai people running shops and resorts. Most of them seem to be from the Bangkok area. A growing number of foreign residents are also affecting the culture.

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