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We feature over 100 hotels catering for everybody’s tastes and needs, we also specialise in providing lots of free travel information for the user including, maps, tours, the best beaches etc, We also have sections that cover every topic related to Koh Samui life such as, Real Estate, Restaurants, Spa’s, Nightlife, Scuba Diving plus many more. We appeal to an international audience that comes from all over the world. When people use the internet to look for Koh Samui information, the first web address they try is offers 4 different ways for you to advertise:

  • Super Banner Advertising
  • Sticker Banner Advertising
  • Feature Article Advertising
  • Web Site Design
Super Banner
Super banner adverts (size 468 x 60 pixels) are the large banners that you can see running at the top and the bottom of the page all through the site. Each position is a fixed price, we will limit the sale of big banners to a maximum of 3 for the top, and 3 for the bottom, and they will rotate every 5-10 seconds. Your Super Banner will show everywhere on except on the Featured Articlepages, unless you choose to advertise within one of our feature sections. We offer free set up on Super Banners.

Super Banner Advertising example


Sticker Banner

Sticker banners (size 125 x 125 pixels) are the square banner adverts that you can see running all through the site on the right hand side, each position is a fixed price. Your Sticker Banner will show everywhere on except on the Featured Articlepages, unless you choose to advertise within one of our feature sections. We offer free set up on Sticker Banners.

Feature Article

One of the most cost effective ways to advertise on is a full page Feature Article, these are formatted articles that appear on and feature within our main section pages. The advertorial would include, 500 words of copy, colour photos & company logo. We also supply you with a page to log on to, to check the traffic that has visited your advertorial, plus a direct web link to your own website. We offer free set up on Feature Articles.

Sections to Advertise in:

  • Real Estate:
  • Spa:
  • Scuba Diving:
  • Restaurant:
  • Nightlife:
  • Golf:
  • Tailors:
  • Activities:
  • Sight Seeing :
  • Shopping:
  • Beaches:
  • Health & Wellbeing:

Feature Article Advertising Example

Website Design have in-house designers that can build you a comprehensive website, it includes, home page + additional pages on server you would have your own URL to put on all your, letter heads, business cards etc
Frequently Asked Questions

What options of advertising do you have on

  • Super Banner Advertising costs
  • Sticker Banner Advertising costs
  • Feature Article costs
  • Web Site Design costs

What are the Web Visitors to

On average, per day the Advertisers on our website will receive over 3000 visitors, that means that over 93,000 visitors a month could be potentially looking at your company, can your business afford to miss out on this traffic?

Daily visits to = Over 3000

Monthly visits to = Over 93,000

Each visitor views up to 10 pages each time they visit.

These visitors have already decided that they are coming to Thailand. They will book their hotel with us, and once they are happy with the service we provide, they will use to look for information on what to do while they are here, which Spa to use, where the nightlife is, where they should be dining and where to go shopping etc.

What are the advantages of advertising on is used by a wide range of users, ranging from people who want small bungalows on the beach all the way up to very high income travelers from all over the world wanting 5 star resorts, they are already planning their visit to Thailand once they log on to us.

I need the best listing on

When you contact us and decide to advertise you can then decide the position of where your advert will appear. Please note the position of your banner advert depends on availability. What are you waiting for? Book today!!

Help? I don’t know how to create a banner advert?

Don’t worry, if you’re not creative just ask us to do it for you, there’s no set up fee. If you are a budding artist and want to create your own banner advert, that’s ok, just email it over and we’ll put it up it straight away. We reserve the right to reject banner adverts for any reason.

I want to monitor the traffic gets my business?

Ok, we will give you a page you can log in to, to check on how many times the advert has been shown and how many people have clicked on it, it couldn’t be easier.

What if my Company Details Change?

No problem, you will have to send us the updated copy or advert and we will do the rest.

How do I pay for my advertisement?

You pay for your advertisement upfront, in advance for a 3 month period. Discounts will apply if you block book for 6 or 12 months. Please contact us and ask us for details.

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